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Description of Each Step:

  1. UC employees with Principal Investigator status and an Eligible Industry Sponsor develop a research proposal of mutual interest and benefit, requesting IUCRP funding for up to half of the direct costs of the proposed project. At least half of the direct costs and applicable indirect costs must be provided by the sponsor.

  2. The Principal Investigator submits the research proposal using an online proposal submission system. Proposals are accepted three times a year and the entire process, from submission to funding, is completed within 100 days of the proposal deadline.

  3. Through an expert peer review process, each proposal is evaluated for its scientific merit, budget justification, and relevance to the IUCRP and the state of California. Notification of the review outcome occurs no later than six weeks after the proposal submission deadline.

  4. A proposal is given final approval for IUCRP funding when the Principal Investigator and Business Sponsor finalize a research agreement, which must be completed no later than 100 days after the proposal submission deadline. If a proposal is approved, the Principal Investigator and Business Sponsor sign a research agreement.

  5. Funding for the research project begins shortly thereafter.

In the past, grants have ranged from $50,000 to over $3 million. For most sector programs, project length may be any period between one and four years.

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