Industry-University Cooperative Research Program

The Industry-University Cooperative Research Program
(IUCRP) grew from the idea that university research undertaken in partnership with the private sector can yield important benefits for the California Economy.

It was an idea that was largely untested when the program began in 1996. Now, after 5 years of development and growth, the evidence is clear. Since its inception, the IUCRP has strengthened California's R&D capacity and helped promising entrepreneurial firms access the best new science and personnel.

The role of the IUCRP is now as important as ever, with California once again facing an economic slowdown. The IUCRP continually intensifies the same factors that led California out of the recession in the early 90's. In partnership with UC researchers, California businesses have successfully transformed new knowledge from university labs into new technologies and products, forming the foundation for job growth and economic expansion.

To ensure further benefits, university researchers and California businesses must continue to form partnerships that invest in basic research and training. The IUCRP provides the much needed incentive, with $24.6 million/year in State and University funding to match against at least $35.4 million/year from companies to support hundreds of new research partnerships that accelerate economic benefits.

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