Industry-University Cooperative Research Program

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Communications, Networking, and Operating Systems
Digital Media
Life Sciences:Information Technology
Electronics Manufacturing
Economic Impact Research
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List of IUCRP Sector Programs

The IUCRP currently awards UC Discovery Grants in six fields of research that require matching support from industry partners. Interdisciplinary research spanning mutliple fields is highly encouraged.

Biotechnology (BioSTAR)
BioSTAR helps California maintain its leadership position in the biotechnology industry through jointly funded research projects. more

Communications, Networking, Operating Systems (CoRe)
CoRe promotes jointly sponsored research partnerships in wired, wireless, and Internet technologies. more

Digital Media (DiMI)
DiMI is defining the frontiers of digital media through broadly interdisciplinary projects that draw together California businesses with UC researchers. more

Life Sciences:Information Technology (LS:IT)
LS:IT supports jointly sponsored research at the interface of life sciences and mathematics, statistics, computational and information sciences and engineering. more

Microelectronics (MICRO)
Since its establishment in 1981, MICRO has played a role in nurturing the development of the microelectronics and computer industry in California. more

Electronics Manufacturing (SMART)
SMART addresses the fast paced research needs of semiconductor equipment and materials manufacturers through research partnerships. more

Economic Impact Research (no matching support required)
These grants support research on the roles of publicly funded research and education on the California economy. more

Interdisciplinary Research
Use our online system to submit grants for a single field, or across multiple fields. click here for more information on applying.

Read RFPs
The "Request for Proposals" (RFP) document provides details of what is required to submit a proposal. more