Industry-University Cooperative Research Program

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All research proposals (except MICRO and Economic Research Grants) are submitted online using the IUCRP's proposal submission system. To access this system and begin working on a proposal, select "Apply" from the menu on the left, and choose a program.


Applicants: Research proposals may be submitted by any researcher with Principal Investigator (PI) status at the ten UC campuses, the three National Laboratories, and the Agriculture Experiment Station.

Matching Funds: The proposal must be submitted with a binding letter of commitment to jointly fund the project, signed by the private sponsor. At least half of the direct costs and applicable indirect costs must be paid by the private sponsor.

Qualifying Private Sponsors: A Private Sponsor may be any company or for-profit business entity that satisfies one of the following criteria: 




maintains research and development or manufacturing facilities in California that are related to the proposed research;


based outside of California but has a research and development alliance with a California company that is related to the proposed research;


based outside of California but provides strong justification that the research sponsored will demonstrably benefit California industry by improving the performance of California’s biotechnology industry, creating jobs in California, or otherwise benefiting the California economy.

In addition, California Market Order Boards (California commodity groups) are eligible Private Sponsors. Organizations, including trade associations, foundations, and others, are not eligible Private Sponsors.

How to expand your grants budget: Click here for information on grant budget supplementation.

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Online System
The proposal system allows PIs and Sponsors to complete and submit the entire research proposal online.

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