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Program Objective:
Founded in 1996, the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program(IUCRP) awards UC Discovery Grants in six fields of science and engineering to strengthen California's economy.

Forming a 3-way partnership between UC, Industry Sponsors, and the State of California, UC Discovery Grants support hundreds of industry-university research projects each year.

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Participating Companies
Industry partners contribute matching funds for research projects, and receive numerous benefits.

Learn more about the hundreds of companies that have participated to date.

New Focus Areas
- Communications
- Networking
- New Materials
- Nanotechnology

Inter-Sector Funding Opportunities

Apply for a Industry-University Research Grant
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Research proposals are submitted using an online proposal system.

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UC Discovery Grant Fields of Research

- Biotechnology
- Communications, Networking and Operating Systems
- Digitial Media Innovation
- Economic Impact Research
- Life Sciences:Information Technology
- Microelectronics
- Electronics Manufacturing


BIO 2002 International Biotechnology Convention & Exhibition


BioSTAR/LS:IT UC San Diego Outreach Reception


2002 Life Sciences Financial Forum


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New - Cross-Sector Funding Opportunities
Proposals may now be submitted simultaneously to different programs and may receive joint funding. more